Happiness on Themba Jay
I tap dance with my pen!

Hello! Thanks for visiting my online home 🙂

My superpower is writing devastatingly well; I am passionate about telling stories and marketing through them; and I wax lyrical and teach as a public speaker. My ultimate goal is to be among the best communicators – writer, marketer and speaker – to ever walk the earth.

I love sharing knowledge and experiences on how we can use compelling stories to advance ourselves, especially with the resources and connectivity we have at our disposal today. So, I use my writing to document my journey and projects centred around storytelling, communication, marketing and digital media.

Between November 2014 and February 2015; I had the privilege of working at Cerebra Communications. After the internship, I completed an intensive digital media course sponsored by Google and endorsed by IAB South Africa called DIGIFY.

During Digify, I learned in depth about social media (for business), online media strategy, digital advertising, content creation, public speaking and presenting, pitching and relationship building. As part of  the training programme, I had the opportunity of delivering pitch presentations to Nando’s (via Publicis Machine) and Mercedes Benz (via Network BDDO).

I received my first ovation at age 14 in high school after delivering a brief presentation in an English class. And in 2015, I floored the audience when I had the opportunity of presenting to 30 high level executives at consulting firm, EOH (or, Proserv South Africa, a subsidiary), about how they should go about re-inventing their online presence.

Post high school, I did media studies at one Boston Media House college. After that stint, went off to work in retail (clothing) where I learned a lot about sales, people, managing teams and business. More about that experience here.




For fun, I love having soliloquies; reading; writing myself sick; connecting with and talking to people; watching interesting television series shows; working out; delivering presentations; and listening to music.