I know the feeling

I indeed do. And, my heart goes out to people who know not much except for that feeling; people who have experienced pain for a large part of their lives. Suffering to them is a normal state of life – present them with ideas of a much better life, and they’ll get upset with you. … More I know the feeling

Read and unchain yourself (how I became an eloquent communicator)

Sounds very poetic, does it not? I think it does; did you agree with me? Anyway, that’s neither nor there. The philosophy is deceptively simple. Yet powerful enough to start a series of fascinating personal changes that eventually cause these ripple effects that travel vibrantly from the centre of the ocean — your centre, your … More Read and unchain yourself (how I became an eloquent communicator)

Journeying forth

I have come faaar to be here. However, if I am not careful, it is easy to feel like I have not done anything “worthy” with my life. Even though the emotional growth is there, conspicuous; I am way smarter and I display emotional brilliance second to none, as a result of my journey-ing. I … More Journeying forth

My father and money

You know, it is very funny. My father had a lot of money. The bastard was loaded. Hence he was nicknamed MLUNGU. But, I never had any of that money in an ostentatious way. This means no money in my own pockets on most days. No needless toys (he hated toy guys, for example, because … More My father and money


The ability, I would say, of being able to walk in another person’s shoes. While they are wearing them. Super important. Offers the bearer a clearer perspective. Having and deploying empathy is complicated and some times daunting emotional work. I would even venture to say that it is somewhat impossible to have empathy when dealing … More Empathy